What Hosts Should Provide for Airbnb Guests: Supplies+Toiletries


Sometimes the difference between a good guest experience and a GREAT guest experience on Airbnb is the little things. In this case, we are talking about supplies and toiletries. Do you have ample toilet paper? Is it soft? Do you have organic soap and conditioner? Do you provide the extra K-cups or coffee beans to help guests wake up from their long night in Chicago? Supplies and toiletries (known as amenities on Airbnb) can be handled in lots of different ways based on the experience you want to give guests.


In your Airbnb listing, under amenities, is a box called “Essentials.” Essentials are shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. If you don’t provide that, you can’t check that you provide the “essentials.” Starting in Summer of 2018, Airbnb is going to start requiring that hosts have the essentials.

It is a small expense to provide these things and make the space feel more like home for your guests. It might not be their brand of cleanser,  but people definitely appreciate the effort.

First-aid kits are a thoughtful piece for an Airbnb property. There are certain safety measures that are good for traveling guests, and a first-aid kit is one of them. At your Airbnb in Chicago, check on these essentials weekly and be sure to have one of those that is checked periodically and kept fresh. 

Toiletries for Clean Guest Stays

As far as toiletries and bathroom supplies go, providing plenty of toilet tissue in the bathroom with overflow supplies easily accessible to guests is a good practice. Depending on the number of guests and how long they stay,  1 roll per 2  guests is a good safety measure.  In the shower, liquid hand soap is easier to maintain than bars of soap.

In your kitchen space, help guests clean up after themselves. Provide paper towels or some way for your guests to take care of spills. If you’re providing dishes, give them a way to wash their own dishes.

Lastly, the little things like hairdryers, combs, disposable toothbrushes and razors. Do you provide these? Do you provide different types of toiletries, like toothpaste or emergency back-ups for your guests?

The Kitchen Goodies + Durables

The City of Chicago prohibits Airbnb's to provide food with a proper license. That said, what if you provide fresh coffee for guests? Tea and sugar? K-cups make it simple to provide guests coffee, and keeps the kitchen clean compared to ground coffee.

These are the goodies, but don't forget the durables. An extra spatula, colander, wooden spoon, can opener, WINE OPENER, and other kitchen essentials can give yours guests a more homey experience if they decide to cook-in. 

The nice thing about your Airbnb is that you are the host, you can handle hosting as you wish and change it as you go.

It's All about the Experience

The number one thing to remember is the golden rule: Give guests the experience you would want for your Airbnb. And in this case, the toiletries and supplies you would expect when you travel to a lovely city like Chicago.

You don't have to offer more in your space than you are comfortable providing, but may you provide little extras for guests that you’ve really connected with during the inquiry process.

Remember: Airbnb is based on reviews and reviews are based on mutual trust. Don’t provide pictures that show more supplies, toiletries, and amenities than what you provide. Guests rate you based on what your listing says it provides, so truth in advertising while delighting guests with unexpected surprises will really make for great reviews!

With these little-known tips for supplying your Airbnb, you'll be well on your way to giving guests great experiences, and increasing your income as your unit builds momentum on the platform. Cheers!