Hyper Drive Your Airbnb Listing - 5 Qualities Every Great Airbnb Has


The difference in a "good" Airbnb and a "great" Airbnb listing is the difference of up to 60% more revenue. A few simple tips and consistent diligence can hyper drive your listing to achieve phenomenal numbers and it's what Airbnb management companies like us pride ourselves on: High quality and results.

Here's the 'secret sauce' in no particular order:

1) Location

High quality Airbnb listings are usually the ones that are located in A++ areas. What makes an area A++? Just like any real estate investment, being close to things like public transportation, nightlife + attractions and being in a safe area are critical. With these benefits, your listing can be advertised 10x more effectively and appeals more guests.

2) Comfort

Throwing together a bunch of cheap furniture is not only tacky, but reduces your profit. While you save upfront, you lose in the long run.

Invest in high quality furniture and it will pay dividends. Things like plush pillows, soft couches, memory foam are the first things that come to mind of course. But take into consideration the little things like nightlight, an in-depth guidebook, air fresheners and fun little trinkets around your home that give life to the space.

3) Guest Communication

 The best Airbnb hosts are able to respond quickly and solve any reasonable problems a guest may have. Are you able to answer your phone on the spot and maybe even run over to your home to take care of an issue? Are you able to keep calm with needy guests? A problem solver and calm attitude are intangible assets!

4) Listing Copy

Copy or copy writing is the ability to write a provoking story about a product or service so that a reader is engaged and takes action. In our case, it's our listing we're trying to sell to potential guests. The better story you tell, the higher the occupancy and rate you can command. Read a few listings and you'll be able to tell which hosts have really spent time in honing their listing copy. Just be careful to not book their home!

5) 5 Star Reviews

Roll all of the above qualities together and you will get higher reviews. On average, listings that have 5 star reviews are viewed 60% more. The more views you get, the higher probability it is of getting your place booked. It takes time to build reviews, but with consistent high quality service, this is achievable!

High quality listings demand time and a cool head. If you're short on time and able to deal with sometimes unreasonable requests, you're not only a saint, but will land in the 90th percentile of all Airbnb's! But...if you're like most of us, a professional Airbnb management company is an investment that can really hyper drive your profit.