How to Prevent Your Airbnb from Being a Hotel Party


Airbnb's growth is due to more than their fancy design. One of their core principles is community - guests and hosts. This community principle drives their safety and security measures to ensure safe guest stays and transparent guest hosting. As an Airbnb management company, this is one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of the business.

All in all, the guests and hosts using Airbnb are well behaved because they have to be in order to continue to be part of the community. One strike and you're out (or it's very hard to get back in). Airbnb does the grunt work to question our guests, their honesty, and their backgrounds.

That said, if you are not careful, you are leaving yourself open to potential horror stories. Here are some ideas to help you save on $1000's worth of damage. 

"What is the purpose of your trip? Who are you coming with?"



These preemptive questions set the tone and show the guest that you are on top of your property. Asking them the purpose of their trip before approving them helps you weed out the partiers versus nice families, business travelers, and respectful guests. If you notice someone from your own city renting your Airbnb, they may be hosting a bachelor party or a celebration.

Asking "who are you coming with" helps determine how many people are going to be in the space and ensure they are not lying about the number to save on costs. More bodies, typically means more clean-up work for you so knowing the number of people can help you adapt accordingly.

Be in Contact with a Neighbor

An Airbnb party in Chicago can damage your reputation in your near neighborhood. 

At some point your neighbors will notice that there are people who come and go from your Airbnb in Chicago. Whether you use a professional Airbnb management firm or not, this is inevitable. Instead of flying under the radar to avoid complaints, be proactive and be in touch with neighbors to let them know about your Airbnb business. In return, you give them a sense of comfort about your Airbnb and you can have them reach you in the event of an unwanted party.

Like a good neighbor, make friends and give them your  contact number so they can help you keep your Airbnb safe and secure. Granted, this might come in the form of a complaint but at least they are tipping you off on an ongoing Airbnb party.

If you are anticipating a party to occur here are ways to party-proof your Airbnb and provide damage control

Sound-proofing your Airbnb

Overstuffed furniture and hanging carpets or tapestries on the wall are a great way to soundproof your Airbnb.  Put weather-stripping foam tape around any openings like doors and windows for extra sound protection.

In cities like Chicago, neighbors are close, so sound-proofing your place is a smart move!

Avoid fragiles in your Airbnb

It is important that your Airbnb has a cool, cohesive design. This does not mean it the finishes and furnishing have to be expensive.

If a party’s coming to town remove all glass, antique, and breakable decorations. Any T.V.’s on a stand should be mounted on the wall.

Help guests keep your home clean

If you clearly leave out cleaning supplies, it will give guests the hint to clean up after themselves. It’s acceptable to expect partying guest to clean up a decent amount of their own mess. Remind them of the golden Airbnb rule!

Walk Through

For your guests to receive their deposit back, walk through the unit with them. This is one of the few times you get to be in  the Airbnb together to confirm any not-so-party-proof mishaps.

Like everywhere else, in Chicago, it is important to respect your neighbors and for your guests to know that they need to respect your neighbors too. Airbnb parties are going to happen, but using these measures can help minimize their impact and get the most bang for your buck!

Be in Contact with Your City's Regional Manager

As Airbnb grows, it is getting harder and harder for one-off host claims to be fulfilled in a timely and effective manner because Airbnb is handling so many claims at one-time. If the claims get fulfilled at all! 

Having a direct connection to your Regional Manager makes a BIG difference in the order that your claims get seen, fulfilled, and heard by Airbnb in a very timely way. You're also more likely to have Airbnb on your side. This is only available to professional accounts, like HelpHost,

These extra steps and oversights make a huge difference and can help you save $1000s in time, headache, and damage. Be safe and protect your investments :)