How to attract business-travelers with your Airbnb listing

airbnb business clients.jpg

Young professionals are beginning to use Airbnb as their "home away from home" when they are having longer term projects in a new city. In 2017, the number of people traveling for business purposes on Airbnb tripled from the previous year. Airbnb has listened to business travelers, and they now have their own search tool to filter for Airbnb’s that are deemed Business Travel Ready. And in Chicago, one the world's largest business hubs, you have an opportunity to capitalize.

How do you make your Airbnb Business Travel Ready? And, how do you convert business travelers to your Airbnb listing?


Amenities are usually the initial reason a business traveler gravitates to your Airbnb. Fast Wi-Fi is essential nowadays for a business person to book and have a good experience. Here are some amenities you can add to better attract them to your Airbnb listing: 

  • Work desk with a chair

  • Working all-in-one fax machine/scanner/printer

  • Outlet strip

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

  • Parking Space

  • Coffee Machine

  • Hangers

  • Phone/Laptop chargers

Respect their time. 

Time is money. In order to target a business traveler, take care of them from the get-go, and respond quickly. Those on a work-focused trip are in search of an Airbnb host with added value, and who are respectful of their time.

Seamless Check-in / Check-out

Companies are often very strict on the amount of money and time spent on employees traveling for business so potential guests may be in a hurry. Another way to be time conscious is to expedite the key handoff/reception with keyless entry, or a lockbox. 

Neighborhood coffee, food, and transportation options

Coffee, dining, and transportation are important for a business traveler. Help them simplify their stay by giving them recommendation to the best options within a walkable distance. 

These are the simple steps you can take to begin to get your Airbnb listing business traveler-ready. Airbnbs in Chicago have many business travelers because Chicago is a big conference destination so stay attuned to the events/conferences, and your cash-flow will "thank you!"