9 Simple Tips to Rank Higher with Airbnb SEO


Most hosts come to Airbnb thinking that they can take advantage of the market by only putting up their "fabulous home." Listing your unit is only the start. For your Airbnb to be profitable you have to optimize your Airbnb property, copy, and online profile. Remember, you are competing with many others, even your neighbors, to get someone to choose your home over theirs. This means doing what it takes to rank highest among search results and give you the best opportunity to make an impression. In some cases, managing all of this could mean another full-time job. The following tips will result in pairing you with the the highest paying guests–the one that’s ready to book!

1. Consistent Activity to Improve Your Airbnb listing SEO

Log into your Airbnb host account and update your prices often. The more times you log in to update your profile or your prices, the better. Frequency is key. When you log in, you may:

  • Update daily rates
  • Optimize your calendar by adding events
  • Create and respond to Airbnb forums. 

Besides increasing your activity measure, participating in the Airbnb community can provide a wealth of information and connections. The more you learn the more you earn!

2. Respond to Guests Right Away

Responding to guest inquiries on Airbnb quickly helps you stand in Airbnb and with your guests. Your response rate to messages and booking requests should be less than 24 hours - the faster, the better. A fast response rate contributes to your profile, your guest experience (reflected in reviews) and helps you in becoming a Superhost.

3. Superhost-status = Trust in the Airbnb marketplace

Becoming a Superhost is about consistently meeting the needs and expectations of guests, and giving them a full-scale experience. Many Airbnb guests go straight applying the “Superhost Only” filter when they book their stay. Being a Superhost and optimizing your SEO helps land you on the 1st page.

4. 5-Star Reviews are the Fuel to your Marketing Story

Good reviews a key element to preferential treatment from potential guests and Airbnb. They share the story of your listing with potential guests show Airbnb that you are a reliable host. Positive reviews help you rank higher so seek them as often as possible. Kindly encourage your guests to leave a detailed review along with a high-quality rating.

5. Create a Relevant and Click-Catching Airbnb Description

SEO descriptors and keywords helps you standout from the crowd.Research basic words used when people are searching for an Airbnb in your area. Are they saying “downtown Chicago Airbnb” “Business Travel Airbnb Chicago” “Urban Oasis in Chicago”? Use the keywords that most reflect your Airbnb and integrate them into your Airbnb story. This helps Google pick up on your profile, too.

6. The Price is Right

Pricing your Airbnb is the most important element in a market like Chicago because of all of the competition. To boost your ranking, price your unit aggressively in comparison with similar units and in comparison to units in your neighborhood. Airbnb seeks out the fairest prices with the highest value. 

7. Get Potential Guests to Open Your Listing. 

When guests search, they often click on your Airbnb based on a combination of 1) your price 2) visual appeal, and 3) written appeal. When you optimize all three, this is where the magic happens. Use high-quality photos of your Airbnb, price your unit aggressively, and use descriptors to make your unit stand-out! 

8. Convert Potential Guests into Bookings!

Increase your conversion rate (click–>booking) by having a thorough, unique, and interesting story throughout the booking process. Tell a story, make your minimum night stay 1 night, have fast response rates, and use Airbnb 'Instant Book' to make booking with you easy and simple.

9. Promote Your Airbnb

Share your Airbnb on other channels. Share your Airbnb on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other marketing channel you can get your hands on. You could even blog about your hosting experience. Whatever you do, you have to get the word out about your Airbnb. If you want people to talk, the conversation starts with you.

If you can be consistent with these tips, you'll be a  standout in the Chicago Airbnb market. And the more momentum you build with these tips, the higher and higher you'll go until your #1!