3 Simple Tips to Make Check-In Seamless


Ever get a call at midnight from a guest who can't seem to open the door?

If you have, we know how you feel. Through professionally managing dozens of Airbnb's, we've learned a few things to have as few of these calls as possible and think we can save you a few hours of sleep! By being a proactive host, you can reduce the amount of questions you get from guests and make check-in that much easier for everyone.

Here are a few tips to help you make your check-in process seamless and with no headaches.

Tip #1 - Keyless Entry

You're probably thinking  "keys in a lock box are fine, why should I spend money on a keyless lock?". We understand that, but after the 3rd time a guest mistakenly loses your keys or takes the keys with them home, we think you'll reconsider!

Save yourself the headache and the time replacing keys by making an investment in keyless entry. We recommend the Schlage Sense, a smart deadbolt lock that can be accessed remotely via WiFi. This baby gives you the ability to change codes whenever and wherever through their simple app on your phone and is very easy to install. Once your code is set, be sure to add it in your check-in doc (see below!).

Tip #2 - Detailed Listing + Lots of Photos

Most hosts forget that people do actually read listings! So be detailed in your listing and all of the amenities you offer. Although I'm sure there's lots of fun quirks to your home that a guest should know about, don't go overboard. List out the basics and keep it short. The quirks have a process all to themselves: the check-in doc (see below again!).

Supplement the details with pictures, and lots of 'em! Got a grill out in the backyard that you're ok with guests using? Perfect, take a nice picture with some patties grilling and make sure to add that amenity on your listing. Saves you answering a few questions during grillin' season and well...who doesn't like a nice burger? When pictures contain details you want to point out, consider adding captions just in case a potential guest misses it.

Tip #3 - Create a Check-In Doc

Having every detail about your home in your listing is cumbersome and will turn people off. You want your listing to be concise and to the point, not too lengthy. So where can you list all of the important details like:

-the code to the keyless lock?

-or that front door needs to be pushed up to make it lock correctly?

-your funky WiFi username and password?

That's right...a check-in doc! This is a separate document that contains all basic info and also pro-tips on your home that only you know. Put yourself in the guests shoes and ask yourself what they would want to know before staying at your place. This document is a life-saver and will save you a TON of time and repeated answers to repeated questions.

Check-in doesn't have to be something you dread. By implementing these 3 super simple tips, you'll greatly reduce the time spent on answering questions and make your life a whole lot easier.